Schedule of Events:
March 19-22, 2020.


6pm: Meet & Greet @ Duke’s Saloon!

Bring your favorite covered dish and come meet your neighbors and friends. BYOB


Gary Michaels: Biker comedian hypnotist



1pm-4pm: Biker Rodeo.
4pm: Corn Hole Contest
7:00pm: Booby Break on the Main Stage
8pm-midnight: Eley Road
8:45pm: Homemade Bikini
9:45pm: Wet t-shirt
10:45pm: Almost Naked Cowboy Contest🤠


9am: Poker Run. $10 a hand!
12 noon-3:00: Biker Rodeo.
3:00pm: Loudest Pipes & Bike Show
4:00-6:30pm: Motorcycle Races!!!! (Race at your own risk.)
7:00pm: The Rally Dolls’ Infamous Burlesque Show!!!!!

8pm-midnight: Frank Fletcher
9:00: Wet T-shirt!!
10:30pm: Daisy Dukes & Boots
Midnight: BREEZY RIDE!!


Alan S Duke


Alan has done a lot of work bringing BBF back from the brink. He’s a good ole boy biker/rancher who loves the rally life and wants all his brothers and sisters to have a great time at his kickass party. Thanks Alan for all you do!


Mama Lisa


Since 2005 Mama Lisa has been Emceeing and running all the wild games and contest at BBF. The most games and contest anywhere!! Be sure to come participate or spectate when you ride down!

Come check out the wildest rally in the Deep Douth!! Here’s a look at all the fun!! See ya soon.