Schedule of Events:
October 28-31, 2021
Fright Nights @ BBF


6pm: Meet & Greet in Duke’s Saloons Halloween Feast.

Bring your favorite covered dish and come meet your neighbors and friends. BYOB

Karaoke with Dottie after Meet and Greet


1pm-4pm: Biker Rodeo.
4pm: Motorcycle Races!! (Race at your own risk.)
7:00pm: Booby Break on the Main Stage

8pm-midnight: Clayton Q

9:00pm: Sexiest Man Contest

10:30 pm: Wet T-shirt Contest



9am: Poker Run. $10 a hand!
12 noon-3:00: Biker Rodeo.
2:00 p.m : Salute to Veterans
3:00pm: Loudest Pipes & Bike Show
4:00-6:30pm: Motorcycle Races!!!! (Race at your own risk.)
7:00pm: Stage Games/Contest

8pm-midnight: Topper

9:00pm: Fright Nights Costume Contest!!

10:30pm: Wet T-shirt Contest

Midnight: BREEZY RIDE!!


Alan S Duke


Alan has done a lot of work bringing BBF back from the brink. He’s a good ole boy biker/rancher who loves the rally life and wants all his brothers and sisters to have a great time at his kickass party. Thanks Alan for all you do!

Come check out the wildest rally in the Deep South!! Here’s a look at all the fun!! See ya soon.